About the Library

About The Library
When did library service begin in Camden County?
In 1933, the Women's Literary Club of Camdenton decided to make its major project the establishment of a library for Camden County. Members donated books from their own libraries to begin the first collection. The books were kept in a room of the courthouse, and beginning in February of 1934, two ladies volunteered to open the library on Saturdays. In May 1934, a librarian was paid 50 cents per Saturday to run the library, and on Saturday, November 17, 1934, there were 101 books checked out. At this time the library had 645 books and approximately 100 magazines in its collection.
When did the library become a tax supported public library?
In April 1963, a tax levy was approved by the residents of Camden County. By the end of 1963, Camden, Pulaski and Laclede Counties and the City of Lebanon Libraries joined to form Kinderhook Regional Library District ­ and in 1964, Webster County and the City of Marshfield Libraries joined. The Camdenton Library moved from the the courthouse to the Masonic building on the square in 1964. The 1,000 or so books of the Literary Club collection were donated and became the nucleus collection of the Camdenton Branch of Kinderhook Regional Library.
How long did Camden County belong to the Kinderhook Regional Library District?
Until 1977. On January 1, 1978, Camden County Library District became official when the separation from the regional system was completed. The people believed that Camden County had grown and had enough financial resources to support a library system of its own. The Kinderhook branch libraries, located in Osage Beach and Sunrise Beach, became branches of the new Camden County Library District.
How many Camden County Branch Libraries are there?
There are five branches in addition to the headquarters library in Camdenton. Branches were already in existence in Osage Beach and Sunrise Beach when we officially became the Camden County Library District. Branches were established in Climax Springs and Stoutland within the next two years, and the Macks Creek Branch was opened in 1984.
When did the Camdenton Library move to the new building?
The new library opened its doors on September 11, 2000. The library had been located on the square in the former First National Bank building since September of 1980. The new location is three times the size of the old library, and should provide expansion space for many years to come.