Meeting Room

Sorry the meeting rooms are unavailable due to COVID policies.


The meeting rooms may be used by the following groups:

Groups sponsored by established community organizations

Educational Groups

Cultural Groups

Civic Groups

Meetings of official agencies and boards of Camden County or other governmental organizations.

Library Organizations

Service Club Boards

Study Groups

Church Groups

The meeting rooms may be used by groups which charge, take a collection, or sales is made IF the group is raising funds for the Camden County Library District.  Notice will need to be posted at the meeting that the Camden County Library District received a portion of the proceeds and that the Library District does not endorse any product or service sold at the fundraiser.  The portion of the proceeds will need to be negotiated with the Library Director or Branch Manager before the room can be booked.  Groups not raising funds for the Library District may not charge, take a collection, or make any sales.

The person registering the room must hold a valid Camden County Library District card; the following groups are exempted from presenting a library card: educational institutions, government officials or governmental organizations acting in their official capacity.

The following are expressly forbidden: private parties or catered events.

These meetings shall be open to the general public, be non-partisan/non-commercial, and comply with all the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Publicity for public meetings is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization.

Hold Harmless Agreement    

All groups hereby agree to abide by the rules and regulation regarding the use of the Camden County Library District and its Board of Trustees and Camden County and its officials for any and all accidents; which, may be sustained on the premises and to be responsible for any and all willful and/or accidental damages to the library buildings, grounds, and equipment resulting from the use of such meeting rooms.


A.  Meeting rooms are available for use during regular library hours.

B. Scheduled meetings must end at least 15 minutes before library closing


Camdenton: 60 People

Osage Beach: 40 People


A. Written requests shall be made on the approved form of the Camden County Library District and must be signed by a qualified officer or representative of the group over 17 years of age who holds a valid Camden County Library District Card.  Bookings will be made when the completed application from and necessary fees are returned to and accepted by the Library.  Submission of the application does not mean acceptance of the application.  Applications may be approved by any manager.

B. Groups planning a series of meetings shall present a schedule of the meetings at the time of application.  Recurring reservations shall be accepted for up to three (3) months.  At the end of this period such reservations must be renewed, subject to Library approval.

C. The Board of Trustees reserves the right to request any group to change its approved scheduled meeting to another date.  Notice will be given to the person signing the request for the meeting.


The Library must be notified immediately is a Meeting Room reservation needs to be canceled.

Withdrawal of Meeting Privileges:

The Board of Trustees reserves the right to withdraw the privileges of the use of the Meeting Room(s) if there is a violation of any of the rules and regulations stated in this document.


Groups using the meeting room(s) are responsible for room set up.  Exit aisles must be a minimum of 60 inches wide.  After the meeting room, group members must re-stack chairs and return tables to their places along the walls.


The group sponsoring the meeting/public presentation is responsible for arranging and funding the special accommodations requested.  The person responsible for insuring that any oral or written promotions of meetings/public presentations will put in a special accommodation for the disabled phrase; such as, "If you need an accommodation for a disability for this presentation, please contact (Name, Address, and Phone)," at least five (5) working days be the event.


If a meeting room is to be used by young people, the Library Meeting Room request MUST be signed by an adult.  Young people are to be under proper adult supervision at all times.


Facilities are available for serving light refreshments and beverages.  NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES MAY BE SERVED.  The Library does not provide serving equipment, coffee, and/or tea pots.


The Library does not provide audiovisual equipment.  Groups may use the screens and white boards in the room(s), but must supply their own writing utensils.


No storage space for equipment and/or supplies is provided.  The requesting organization is responsible for carrying supplies and/or materials to/from the meeting room.




The use of the meeting room(s) does not constitute an endorsement of an organization's policies or beliefs by the Library.  All promotional materials must state clearly that the meeting or program is not sponsored by the Camden County Library District and is open to the public. Groups may not use the library's telephone number on promotional materials or invite attendees to contact the Library for information on the group's event.  Non-Library related promotional materials may not be left in the meeting room(s) or distributed inside the Library by any meeting room user.  Non-Library related promotional materials may not be attached to walls, windows, doors or furnishings of the Library.