Help Your Child Learn How to Combat Stress

Some stressors include testing, bullying, divorce, too many commitments, pressure from friends, and much more.  It is important as parents that we take the time to communicate with our children and listen to what they have to tell us.  When our kids understand that they can come to us, this helps lessen the some of the stress that they are experiencing.  
There are many things that we can do; the following are a few suggestions to help.
1.) Stop Overscheduling - we have to understand that our children are in school seven (7) hours a day, some have extra-curricular activities after, some have jobs, and others come home, do homework, chores, and then go to bed just to do it again the next day.  In this type of schedule, there is not any time for the child to sit down and just relax.
2.) Make Sleep a Priority - for children who are 6-13 years of age it is important that they get at least 9 - 11 hours of sleep and for those that are 14-17 years of age they need 8-10 hours.  When our bodies get enough sleep, we wake feeling refreshed and in a better mood.
3.) Make Mornings Calmer - a rushed morning can lead to a feeling of being rushed the rest of the day.  If we can't find the right tennis shoes, a homework assignment was not complete, or a uniform is clean, all of these and more can lead to a hectic morning.
4.) Prepare Your Child to Deal With Mistakes - we, as adults, understand that mistakes happen but when our kids are "on" all of the time they feel that a mistake is the end of the world.  They are afraid that their teachers or we will be disappointed in them and their performance.  It is our job to help them understand that a mistake is just that -- a mistake, they happen, we learn from them, and move on.
These are just a few techniques that we can use to help them cope with stress.  To find out more about what you can do, please visit the Camdenton Library on Wednesday, May 23rd at 11 a.m. as Dr. Keili Lumiere, Ph.D. speaks with us on the benefits of teaching our children how to combat stress.
Help Your Child Learn How to Combat Stress
Help Your Child Learn How to Combat Stress