Brain Building - Combating Alzheimer's Disease with Dr. Keili Lumiere, Ph.D.

June is Alzheimer's/Brain Awareness Month.  Why not get a jump start on stimulating your brain?  Come into the Camdenton Library for a two-part series with Dr. Keili Lumiere, Ph.D., Tuesday, May 16th 10 a.m. and Tuesday, June 13th 10 a.m..  She will be speaking on the benefits of keeping the mind active and different activities that help keep your brain in shape.  Mind stimulation is just one of several ways that a person can keep their mind sharp. "Those who continue learning new things throughout life and challenging their brains are less likely to develop Alzheimer's disease and dementia." (Preventing Alzheimer's Disease, suggests the following to help stimulate the brain

Learn Something New: study a foreign language, practice a musical instrument, read the newspaper or a good book, or take up a new hobby.  

Practice Memorization: Create rhymes and patterns to strengthen your memory connections.

Enjoy Strategy Games, Puzzles, and Riddles: Brain teasers and strategy games provide a great mental workout and build your capacity to form and retain cognitive associations.  Do a crossword puzzle, play board games, cards or word and number games.

Practice the 5 W's: Observe and report like a crime detective.  Keep a "Who, What, When, Where, and Why" list of your daily experiences.  Capturing visual details keeps your neurons firing.

Follow the Road Less Traveled: Take a new route, eat with your non-dominate hand, rearrange your computer file system.  Vary your habits regularly to create new brain pathways.