Reopening FAQs


These are a few of the questions we have received about our reopening and what it means to our patrons.  As we receive more questions we will add them to this list. 

Can I still place holds?

Yes, starting Monday, May 4, 2020, patrons may put items on hold. However, those items will consist of only those that we have available within our district.  Right now, the state has suspended all courier services to all library systems outside of our district.  Once the okay is given for those facilities to reopen, we will let patrons know that they can begin placing holds on items outside of our district.

What happens to the materials I have returned? Why do I still see them on my account?

When you bring any materials back that you have kept at home while we have been closed those materials are taken to a separate room away from staff to sit for three (3) days.  After this 3-day waiting period, the returned materials are sanitized, checked in, and then reshelved.  By following these guidelines, the materials that have been returned will remain on a patrons account until checked in.  This practice will be followed until further notice.

Can groups meet at the library? Or use the meeting room?

No, we ask that all groups cancel their meetings at the library. We are limiting the number of patrons and guests at each building and asking all who enter the building to take twenty (20) minutes to return their items and checkout new ones.