Novel Coronavirus and Talking to Our Children

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Discussion Tips

With all the information (correct and incorrect) about COVID-19 our children may have a hard time coping with and understanding what they are hearing.  We can stress to them that we, as parents, are there to protect them and keep them safe, and then we have to send them off to school or daycare, where they listen to other adults and children around them discuss this new virus and they can become confused.  Even scared and anxious.  For more information in helping your children understand what is going on around them, PBS Kids has a wonderful article, written by a parent of younger children and how she and her family are discussing this new virus, entitled How to Talk to Your Kids About CoronavirusNot only is there information on helping your children understand this new virus and what they can do to keep others from getting sick there are links to games, episodes, and more talking about Hygiene and how germs work.

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