Imagine Your Story - Summer Reading Challenge

Imagine Your Story with the Library


Our theme for our summer reading challenge this year is "Imagine Your Story," and focuses on classic fairytales and folktales, with a new twist here and there.  

To log your reading this year we will be using READsquared and have made a few changes in how points are earned, new missions, and suggested reading lists.

Are you new to READsquared or need a refresher?

The following video explains how to create an account, add a child's account, and many other features we will be using this year.

As always if you have any questions can call us, email us at, or visit us.

What's new for this year?

New for this year we will be logging the number of minutes read rather than the number of pages read. Certain missions this year will be worth points and count toward your overall goal. If you would like more activities we will have printed packets for you to pick up. Also, we have several suggested reading lists for you to choose your next read from and can be found in the following categories:

  • Once Upon a Time
  • Timeless Tale
  • Magical Creatures
  • A New Twist on an Old Tale
  • A Hero's Journey
  • These are only suggestions and not required to complete the challenge.

    What events will be held this year?

    Do to the unique situation we have found ourselves in this year all of our programming will be done through virtual events. We will announce these on our Facebook page and have set up a private group, Imagine Your Story 2020 Events - CCLD that patrons can join, and some will be posted on our website, here, and on our front page. Our performers will be Babaloo, DJ Edwards, Magician, and Page Turner Adventures. Page Turner Adventures will provide 10 weeks of entertainment with 5 shows per week. And will include crafts, recipes, and more that fit each weeks theme.

    Want a sneak peek of the Page Turner Adventures? Check out this video:

    Points and Prizes

    For each age group, they have to meet certain goals to earn prizes.

  • Ages Birth-6: For every 200 points earned kids will earn a prize.
  • Ages 7-11: For every 300 points earned kids will earn a prize.
  • Ages 12-17: For every 450 points earned teens will earn a prize.
  • Ages 12-Up: For every 600 points earned adults will earn a chance to enter our grand prize drawing

  • For ages Birth-17 prizes include: Prize #1 - Free book and bag; Prize #2 - Coupons; Prizes 3-6 - Extra Chance to Enter the Grand Prize Drawing

    Babaloo's House Party Video

    Join us as Babaloo invites us to a virtual party at his house. Includes music, magic, and all around silliness!

    Activity Sheets

    Week 1 - Fairy Tales Week

    Birth to 6

    Ages 7-11

    Ages 12-Up

    Week 2 - Space Week

    Birth to 6

    Ages 7-11

    Ages 12-Up

    Week 3 - Science Week

    Ages Birth-6

    Ages 7-11

    Ages 12-Up

    Week 4 - Adventure Week

    Ages Birth to 6

    Ages 7-11

    Ages 12-Up

    Activity Packets for Adults

    Adults Packet 1

    Adults Packet 2

    Adults Packet 3

    Adults Packet 4

    Adults Packet 5