Celebrate Read an eBook Day with Us and Libby

Read an eBook Day with Libby - September 18, 2020

What is Read an Ebook Day?

It is the celebration of the modern storytelling platform and happens annually on September 18.

Why eBooks?

EBooks are easy to transport and can go with us at any time and to any place.

Have you ever gone on vacation and had to make the choice between the books you wanted to read and the clothes you had to take? Now with a tablet, smartphone, or laptop you can have 1000's of books at your fingertips. Plus, you don't have to worry about your books taking up all the space in your suitcase. (Or have to pay extra baggage fees ;)).

Never read an eBook? Now is the perfect time to get started and Libby from Overdrive makes it easy. The Camden County Library District is one of tens of thousands of libraries from around the world that offers patrons access to 1,000s of titles for FREE.

The Libby app can be downloaded from these platforms:
Download from Google Play Store | Download from Apple App Store | Download from Windows Store

Once you find your perfect read share your experience using #EBOOKLOVE