BYOD Printing

We are testing a new service at the Camdenton Branch of Camden County Library District, Bring Your Own Device Printing!

This service will allow you to print from your own PC, Linux, Mac, IOS, or Android device.


For your safety all print jobs will be deleted after four hours unless arrangements have been made with the Camdenton branch of CCLD.


PC, Linux, or Mac

To print from PC, Linux, or Mac you will have to have Google's Chrome browser installed.

To install Chrome please follow the link below

After installing Chrome on your device you will have sign-in to the browser itself.

To sign-in follow the directions below.

After signing-in to the browser click the link below and follow the directions to associate the printer to your account.

Then when you are ready to Print from Chrome or Google Drive select CCLD-Printer. More instructions below


Google Cloud Print Driver

This will let you use Google Cloud Print outside of Google Chrome for Windows computers.


To Print to the CCLD Printer

Click the Control Google Chrome button and then Print. Or use the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • Windows & Linux: CTRL + P
  • Mac: + P

When the next window comes up click on the Change button

When the next window comes up select "CCLD Printer" under the Google Cloud Print area
If you need to make any changes to the settings, please do them at this step
When you are ready to send the print job to us, please click the Print button.
You are now ready to collect your print job from the Front Desk.

To print from an Android device you will have to install Google Cloud Print. Link below

Depending on your device you may have to go into your phone settings and enable Cloud Print.

After installing and enabling Cloud Print you will have to click the link below and follow the directions to associate the printer to your account.

Next open the app you would like to print from and find the print option.

Finally select the CCLD-Printer option and hit print.


IOS Devices

If you have an IOS device you will be required to print from a Google app (Google Drive or Google Chrome) to print from a non-Google app you will be required to get a print management app.

The Google recommended IOS print management app for printing from non-Google Apps is PrintCentral costing $5 for iPhone and $8 for iPad. Link below

To Print from an IOS device you will need a Google account to sign in.

Click the link below and follow the directions to associate the printer to your account.



Q. (PC, Linux, or Mac) I have a Office or other document that I need to print.

A. There are two options to solve this.

     First, option would be to upload the document to Google drive and using the Chrome browser print from there.

     Second you could print the document off as a pdf and then open the pdf document with the Chrome browser.

Q. (Android) I can't figure out how to enable Cloud Print on my Android device.

A. Some devices are made differently and have different options. For example Nexus devices will have the enable Cloud Print option under Settings and Printing. LG devices most likely auto-enable Cloud Print upon installation of the app, but Cloud Print options are in Settings and Publish and Share.

Q. (IOS) Do I have to purchase an app to use Google Cloud Print?

A. No you do not have to purchase an app. Unfortunately you will only be able to use Cloud Print from Google apps.